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Working Hours

*24-hour Service is for Roadside Assistance ONLY

Daily:  10:00 – 18:00
Saturday: Only by Appointment
Sunday: Closed


Area Β’ Κ.Τ.Ε.Ο.



Contact us and we will assist you immediately

Phone: +30 2310 574704

Mob: +30 6944412230



The transport company TRANSCAR perform car transporations and all types of vehicles, motobikes, caravans, trucks, etc. to from Thessaloniki to Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and most other European countries and respective countries are to Thessaloniki and then throughout mainland Greece and the islands, at competitive prices.

Individuals and dealers trust our forty year experience, consistency and top security for the cross border transportation of their precious car or any other vehicle to and from Dusseldorf, Munich, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Frankfurt and dozens of other European destinations.
All cars and vehicles never travel aboard unaccompanied.


With our new and ultramodern Truck we transfer your vehicles, cars, caravans, vans, traylor and motorbikes etc from Thessaloniki to Athens and back, with safety.

The transports are frequent, three times a week, to bring you intime your precious car, motorbike, caravan or truck.

Since your car is loaded to our Truck, untill is delivered to you, your vehicle is insuranced to ATLANTIC UNION. Also, antique and luxury vehicles traveling with special attention and care.

TRANSCAR drafts special agreements with car and vehicle dealers.

TRANSCAR offers, except vehicle transports, also  Roadside Assistance without registration, subscription or  any further commitment.
You call us just  when you need us !
Incase of an accident in Thessaloniki (or any place) or any other damage, call us to serve you .
Anywhere in Greece. Any time and day. Our phone center works  24-hour a day .
Call us to help you quickly , directly , economically and efficiently .
Our headoffice is in Thessaloniki and our phones are: 2310 574704 and 6944412230 . We will be glad to help you.




We love what we do , we listen carefully to the customers, we respect their property and their time and we work consistently and methodically to offer high quality services. TRANSCAR is not an impersonal company, but a friend that you can trust and rely. The family tradition of TRANSCAR is based on honesty , reliability , experience , knowledge to new trasport vehicles. We secure yourcar, motorbike or truck and transfer it in time  inside Greece and abroad , at unbeatable prices .