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”Price is what you pay, value is what you get”
- Warren Buffett 1930

10 Tips

Sending your car through a professional carrier is the most convenient, safest and most reliable way
to move your car from one place to another over long distances.
Here are 10 tips to improve your car transportation
: smoothly and without problems. Save time and effort!

1. Compare prices and offers

• The first thing you need to find is a suitable Transporter. You need to first narrow your options to those that suit your budget. However, this does not mean that you should always choose the cheapest one.

Just keep the cost in mind.

2. Find the carrier’s reputation

• Once you have a list of vendors that fit your budget, you need to check their reputations online. Because if you ended up saving money but having a long delay in delivery of the vehicle or it is damaged, then it’s definitely not worth it, is it? Check out the reviews!

and an extra tip what they upload on the sites are not all true, for example they write 3 seats and they don’t even have an office or go to the internet and click on the addresses and you see apartment buildings, for example 2. they say our fleet and the photos are from foreign trucks, for example 3. a Greek company and they have Bulgarian plates and many many other…..

3. Confirm your license to practice

• Each country have different requirements for carriers. Make sure they have the necessary responsibility for transporting cars, especially if you are a dealer and need to transport more than one vehicle or if it is very expensive, go to their headquarters if possible and meet them up close !

4. Ask about the different transport options

• If you have an antique or very expensive car, ask your carrier how to get additional insurance or even better private transportation, closed vehicle transportation, or if you’re in a hurry to move faster for an additional charge.

5. Document the transport of your car in writing

• Before transporting your car and in the presence of the carrier, take a video, take photos of your vehicle, make sure you know the existing damage to your car, sign both the receipt / delivery paper, so both sides will avoid a bad luck during the trip.

6. Check several times that your car is empty

• There are many legal reasons why a serious carrier will ask you to leave your car empty. It is a matter of security and responsibility. You certainly do not want to risk your personal belongings being lost or damaged by temperature or border controls. When they say to you lightly, “put whatever you want in the car,” then DEFINITELY something is not right with this carrier.

7. Transportation “outside your door” is not always possible

• The customer must understand that the train cars have a volume and a length of 20 meters. Most of the time it is impossible for him to deliver your car outside your door, either because it is forbidden or because he cannot turn around,also natural disasters can be a risk of damage on your car. You will get in touch with the company’s drivers so that they can be delivered as close to you as possible. You have to understand and be patient!


• Perhaps the most important of all, is to ask your carrier, to send you the papers from cargo insurance.

We would like to emphasize that this insurance policy is something that is very expensive for the carrier and the main thing is that it is not obligatory for any carrier in any state to have it, no police officer anywhere will ever ask us for it. Most transport companies claim that they have it, but they do not have it!
When they send it to you, read it carefully to see that your vehicle will indeed be insured according to its value as a car and not as a commodity that will be compensated in case of damage per kilo !! Do not be fooled! SOS!
9. Get to know in which country the company is based
• In the case of a disagreement, depending on the country of origin of the truck license plate, the lawyer and the competent courts are also located there.
Αre the plates German? In Germany. Are they Bulgarian? In Bulgaria. Are they Greek? In Greece, choose wisely! 😉
10. Trust your carrier
• Once you have made your decision, show confidence in the professional you have chosen and let him do what he knows without having to call the company every day for unnecessary information.

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